Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A day at the beach

My GO Bag goes to the Beach

I seriously plan my vacations now its like religious for me and I try to maximize everything. Say I am going to SF for a shindig guess what I am heading over to Crissy Field with sunscreen and a folding chair for me to put my feet in the sand and relax.

Say I have a 5:30pm event to go to so I grab a bunch of stuff because zip car is great and trust me you can have a lot of fun in a zip car. My beach towel and sunscreen along with an picnic basket with accouterments like string cheese, carrots with dipping sauce, a pre pack salad, oh and a candy bar ( this is necessary really it is ) My Go bag has underwear two dresses to wear along with at least an assortment of shoes that I am not sure my pinkie toes will appreciate any more than I do.

The best part of my beach plan involves a huge tote cooler that is stocked to the gills with white wine.

Now being a bag lady means I have to pack wisely and be smart about it so have you heard about STACK Wines? Since a bottle usually contains four glasses of wine why don't you just put the wine in the glass and call it good.

Now I load up my nook with books and magazines and apps I think I need then of course
more sunscreen.

Then I admit I need to do at least 30 minutes of yoga to get my head out of work and into the majestic blue ocean that is the Pacific ocean.

There I will sit for at least 4 hours that is 240 minutes and trust me its hard.

no that is super hard try it but first you need a GO bag

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