Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are those deals for Real?

There are a dozen or so travel websites telling you about great deals with great destinations.

From hotels to airfare to car rentals you are tempted at every turn to take advantage of something to go somewhere.

The only problem is ....

  • You have to become a member
  • You are blind purchase until payment is received
  • You have to do it in a crowd
  • You have to fill out one form then switch over to a new site
  • You have to give a pint of blood with all your shopping information too
A deal is a deal right so whether you get a rewards card or membership points it seems that you have to get one billion points before you can earn one dollar off your selected trip. 

Don't even bother with any program that has blackout dates and for the most part those have been done away with but the membership levels are here to stay. 

Yes, for every hotel on the Las Vegas strip you need to sign up for a membership reward program even though most are in the same company like MGM. 

What is the deal then? First off, Go ahead and try one or two. I prefer American Express Travel and AAA simply because these are the most prominent ones available. 

Next, did you know you can sign up for AARP benefits at 45years? Yes I have been getting the offer at least once a month. 

Now, a hotel chain is great but most hotels even in a National Chain are franchised. My best advice is pick your favorite hotel and sign up there with the knowledge at least once a year you will stay there. 

Finally, check your credit card with either your banking institution or the credit provider. Usually, you can find something about 5% in rewards which will have blackout dates but your American Express Travel should cover that. 

And now go on vacation try to use your membership, reward, points and see what happens. 

You will have to jump thru some hoops but the reality is that is works just as well as others. 

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