Friday, May 30, 2014

Vacation on a Budget ?

When trying to budget for a vacation do you just wait until you have a "free" paycheck and then go spend it on vacation?

The average vacation costs about $250.

What $250 is just what I paid for my plane tickets!?!

Maybe I should stipulate the average vacation is a staycation.

One where you travel up to 100 miles from home residence. You usually leave mid morning and back by 7pm. You have a destination or event in mind. You plan on either bringing food or having food there economically. You don't have a change of clothes.

There is a ton of festivals but the usual amount is spent mostly on gas at an average of $75 so now you have $175 to spend on...?

  • $10 parking 
  • $25 water and refreshments
  • $30 snack for three people ( usually french fries at McDonalds )
  • $60 on trinkets, Tchotchkes, and an absolute best birthday present for your Aunt ( HINT TO MY NEPHEWS ) 
  • $50 on special event pricing ( boat ride, show, entertainment )
Even wine tours cost about $50 per person then you need to purchase something at the winery. 

How do you cut the cost ? You don't even if you prepay for the tickets, the transportation, and the souvenir items because one thing I forgot about ...time. The average time spent to travel to said staycation is two hours. Two hours without traffic. 

Yes, your parking can be validated but not everywhere, and special event pricing is just that because remember you are going to the destination for a specific reason whether to sit on the beach or to get an autograph you will spend money to get there. 

What about coupons? Read the fine, very fine print even on the backside of the coupon usually most meals are now buy one get on free the same is going to be for that event you want to go to.

What if its a wedding? OMG ! Weddings are so much more expensive the suit rental easily $100, the dress you may be wearing $140 dollars on sale ! There is the gift you have to give ...sheesh people getting married apparently need so much stuff they make their webpages for them ! 

What about a funeral? What you are not going to bring pie? What kind of smuck are you? you gotta bring pie. 

What about a company event that is being sponsored by the company? You may get away with it but nine times out of ten the bar is going to end the host hours, you will need sunscreen and don't forget if you are too tipsy to drive get to stay in a hotel at $200 a night. 

The best budget I had was $500 ....
  • $140 for the hotel one night
  • $30 local transportation
  • $50 trinkets 
  • $60 entry to special tourist attraction
  • $20 movie 
  • $100 dinner with dessert and wine
  • $50 tourist trap shirt
  • $10 candy
  • $30 breakfast with coffee to go
you can budget but just know $250 is really hard especially if there is two of you going 

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