Friday, May 23, 2014

What type of Bag ?

Its a GO bag and you should have one

While everyone in California upon taking up residency here gets an Earthquake Kit and a lecture on how to survive without a 24 hour grocery store within walking distance for three days, apparently not everyone has a GO Bag. I am totally dismayed by this because if you are a guy or gal you need a GO Bag and I am not talking about the fanny pack you have for one night stands after rave parties no, this is a more important and effective than that ( though I suggest keeping some items in both i.e. emergency cell phone and aspirin helps )

A GO bag is not a backpack thought some people try to make a very large duffel bag their GO Bag but really face it you just have a Duffel bag nothing special about it to distinguish from your Earthquake kit you have in the closet. Yes, for day trips a very fancy backpack can suffice but your GO Bag is for the weekend getaway you read about in the February edition of Sunset magazine and you are GOING.

I could imagine what goes into a guys GO Bag versus a gals GO Bag but lets keep the mystery alive and just cover the basics.

First, the bag itself. Now, while I adore Samsonite and Victorinox Swiss Army luggage your GO Bag should not cost more than say the round trip plane ticket you may be purchasing. I have found the best GO Bags come with cosmetics I adore the Estee Lauder Holiday gifts that come with a special gift or the Kenneth Cole Mens Gift set complete with "Travel companion set" that comes in brown suede double handle bag.

The second thing about your GO Bag is that is essentially lightweight and secure meaning you and zipper it close pack it full of weekend wear including two pairs of shoes and you would not mind carrying it for a one mile walk along the seashore. Yes, the bag must be able to hold at LEAST three days worth of underwear, condoms, a bottle of wine or two, cell phone chargers, and be waterproof incase of inclimate weather ( i.e. it rains ).

Oh and it should be a shade of red, granted that is my personal preference but really why have a special bag to GO AWAY with if its just plain black? How boring are you?

Now, the GO Bag is not an excuse to be an arse-hole or a female dog in heat, all the GO Bag allows you to do is GO...GO...GET THE HECK OUT OF THE HOUSE AND GO EXPLORE.

The GO Bag is your permission slip to turn off your cell phone and open up War and Peace or even Old Man and The Sea but the whole point of the GO Bag is that your brain and body are not at work and you can breath deeply...not like in yoga class but breath in deeply the smells of the air, the food in the cafe, the cologne on a strangers neck and give that guy without a wedding ring a compliment then maybe flirt with him ...ok I think you get the picture.

Get a GO Bag and GO!

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