Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Food On The Go?

When you do take time away from whatever you are doing there is sometimes this helpful reminder that you are definately too complacent sitting around eating 3 square meals a day.

Hungry pangs while traveling can be unique especially if you have been stuck in an office for 7 days a week 12 to 14 hours a day.

When you find yourself out and about you may actually forget about food. Granted, wherever one goes a Starbucks can not be too far away but if you are in the middle of a hike in Yosemite you may wanna nosh on a little stick because there isn't a Jack in the Box sitting in the middle of the forest.

One trick I learned was to get a handful of Gift cards to some restaurants where I am going for Thanksgiving I can order a gift card for Bouchon and The Palm gift card is way better than using a coupon!

What about taking along food that you can eat as you travel to and fro..well if you can find a spot for a picnic there is even wine you can take with you from Stack Wines what's better is Monterey Beach Party has the Cooler backpack just for such a need.

Also, one thing you can do should you find yourself in a new place and not in the know check out the local entertainment free newspaper where you will find some great food deals.

Then again taking your food with you because this backpack does come with a chair!
This cooler bag is also a backpack with padded straps, has a folding chair, a front water bottle holder and a zippered pocket. Folds flat for easy storage. 420 denier poly, 600 denier poly and PEVA lining.
Price: $25.00
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