Sunday, June 1, 2014

Go on a Cruise?

Due to the recent boat misadventures of Carnival and other luxury passenger ship operators I am going to pass on any water adventure that lasts two or so more hours.

Granted the incidents that have occurred may be random and simply due to maintenance but using a hefty bag for anything more than say garbage well that image has been burned into my psyche.

Instead fun on the Bay is perfect for you and your friends to enjoy a baseball game, a relaxing boat ride or even a celebration.

From New York to Alaska you can find great deals on the water.

Enjoy the Brooklyn Bridge from the water as you go on a Dinner Cruise

For four hours enjoy Biscayne Bay Tour in Miami!

Head to the Big Easy and take a Riverboat tour that will hark back to the days of Tom Sawyer.

From Chicago you can grab a boat and do a tour of lighthouses all along the Great Lakes!

Even the Grand Canyon you can take a boat tour at NIGHT too!

Even in Los Angeles you can go to the Catalina Islands!

My recent discovery has been the Chardonnay II in Santa Cruz with a wide variety of schedule of trips this local treasure is to be enjoyed with friends on a great sunny California day.

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