Friday, June 6, 2014

Going to Las Vegas Weekend ?

It is true the fun way to enjoy Las Vegas is by taking it in very small bites so to speak.
When I went to Las Vegas last time it was for work not much fun chasing 25 people around the Bellagio but I did get to check out some of the more required stuff which included walking the strip which by the way is four miles but I only had to hoof between the MGM Grand and the Bellagio which is only 2 miles ( 1.8 miles but given that you have to walk about a block inside the hotel makes up the .2 ). I got to see all the shops and places I think I wanted to be especially hard to find was the swanky bar to go to ask a stranger to buy me a drink.

Another thing if you really want to see Las Vegas you have to go Mid Week. Yes, just like every other person trying to avoid crowds you will find that prices are a bit easier to digest and you can travel without concern of being literally lost in a crowd.

Next there is more to Las Vegas than the strip itself you can find a lot of history and new technology in the surrounding areas.

So start your trip Tuesday night yes, after work you can get a great discount at some of the five star hotels if you arrive later. Next remember your departure is either Wednesday night or Thursday morning so plan appropriately. Make sure you get the shuttle return ticket so you don't have to pay twice going to and from the airport.

Now the best time of year to go ...late Winter about Feb - March why? You can still have great weather and its before spring break officially starts. Plus not all the hotels will be booked.

This year I am planning to go at the worst time of year...Thanksgiving Weekend I arrive on Wednesday morning and depart Saturday morning. Why are the holidays the worst time? First off there will not be a lot of shows to go to, secondly you need to tip well remember these people working would rather be at home so plan to spend at least $100 in tips and gratuities even if the service is horrible you need to give at least $5 ( I do this and write a novel of why the service was horrible ).
Thirdly, pack an empty bag because you will find amazing deals on gifts because Las Vegas celebrates Black Friday too and trust me everyone needs a Las Vegas tshirt in my family.

Lastly, make it a family event while one of my siblings decides that Maui Hawaii is a great place to go annually Las Vegas is much more feasible for families coming from different directions and locations.

One thing you can do to make any trip either weekend or weekday or holiday is contact three people 1) Chamber of Commerce 2) Hotel Concierge 3) Tour Company. Why ? Well, Chamber of Commerce will have a list of discounts and special offerings during your stay and the people to connect with including the concierge and the tour company. Next, the Concierge will be able to make your stay a little more personable and the Tour Company will have additional discounts for events available.

So the average Las Vegas Weekend with airfare, hotel, food, entertainment is just under $600 that is for two nights roundtrip and food and one show because remember you need to leave bright and early or late one night. If you go during the holidays to get gifts plan on about a thousand dollars because remember you will need to pay for the third bag that you have to check with all the gifts.

One last thing about traveling via air - know your bags will be checked it is a given there are a few ways to combat this but you can join the TSA program for frequent flyers, put a note inside your suitcase, ask the ticket agent to inspect it infront of you ( be sure to arrive very early for this to be done ). There is also apps to help you find your bags should you be separated.

But going on a trip to Las Vegas for the weekend it is a lot of fun.

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