Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Romantic Getaway

Yes, I am in the search of the person that I can steal away from the computer or work for a little romantic getaway.

So far, my search has yielded very few candidates and of those I promptly thought I really am way too romantic.

Usually a romantic getaway is 36 to 48 hours and it involves either turning off your phones or at least muting all electronic devices.

A Three day holiday weekend sounds great but honestly its not because you are competing with everyone else on their getaway of the day. So Yes, you do not need to leave on a Friday for this romantic getaway though I am going to go with my Utopian version anyway imagining there is no weekend crowds.

First the meetup, now while most people don't require flowers on their romantic weekend meetup I am going to need at least a bouquet of flowers because this is romantic right!?!. As we meet up at a very nice wine bar if there isn't a local baseball team game going on. Seriously, if you can do it go to a local game for your friday nite excursion its a lot of fun and very good time to sit and talk while being honestly distracted by the antics on the field.

Now Saturday morning, get up at the crack of dawn and jump into your vehicle and get the heck out of dodge because you have a lot to do. My first stop is a cruise around the bay on a boat to another small tourist town like Sausalito where you can nosh on bagels as you take in the cool morning air and then disembark for a walking tour. Check out the Marine Mammal Center before you have to get back on the ferry to check into your hotel in the City for one night. Yes, its just one night because you need to be washed and ready for a night of gourmet delights and theater maybe even an after dinner night cap at the comedy club.

You sleep until just an hour before checkout where you smile as room service brings up breakfast ( order the night before ) and you are able to saunter down back to the car but the weekend is not over yet! You drive South on Hwy 1 to stop in Half Moon Bay for horseback riding on the beach then you make your way to Davenport to enjoy a late lunch at a nice roadhouse and taste some local wines. Finally finding yourself on the Wharf in Santa Cruz watching the sunset as you clink glasses toasting yourselves on a very relaxing packed weekend that was romantic because you did turn down your electronic devices, took photos of each other with marine mammals then enjoyed a delicious dinner by a gourmet chef then watched a great production of an broadway show in time to catch a great comedian only to wake up to breakfast in bed then as the sun set you found you were gratiful for a lot of things most importantly the person you are with.

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