Saturday, June 21, 2014

One Day or How many Days?

Aside from actually going on a day off excursion there is the realization of planning such excursions.

I have July booked already with events and adventures from a San Francisco Giants Game to BlogHer Conference so that would mean that August, September and October are wide open.

Get your calendars out now. I wasn't kidding.

August 1st is a Friday a good time to go out and check the Pacific Ocean.

Monday September 1st is technically the end of Summer but here in California we know that doesn't happen until Thanksgiving.

Friday, October 17th is your last day to getaway before the holidays take you over.

Go to Sonoma for the West of West Wine Festival  where as on Monday, September 1st you need to be close to a computer to get tickets for the 16th Annual Wine & Food Event then head south on Friday, October 17th for the Paso Robles Harvest Weekend

That is just a sample because if you don't want wine there is some great events happening at Monterey Bay Aquarium, Lake Tahoe, Eureka, and even Sacramento.
So plan ahead or else you may be left out of the fun.

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