Sunday, July 27, 2014

A New Bed

Rarely do you find the need for a new bed until you go away from your home and stay at a hotel.

You find that while maybe 365 people may have slept where you have slept and that bed is fabulous you wonder what makes that bed so special?

Well first off the hotel will flip a bed once a month. Yes, even if they have to just switch it because its nonflip.

Secondly, hotels reinforce mattress with a topper and additional support in baseboard.

Thirdly, in addition to the topper and reinforced support they "seal" the bed with a vacuum getting out the potential dust bunnies the wrap around coils.

Finally, some hotels have invested high count bedding. Yes, you can live well on 350 count bedding but imagine a cashmere blanket with a down comforter and double sheets. The feel is supple and soft inviting you to fall asleep or lay there for a day eating bon bons watching reality television ( I may have done this ).

An average mattress is 10 years the average mattress in a hotel is 3-5 years and recently dozens of hotels had to switch out mattresses due to recalls and renovations.

You can copy some of the options by adding toppers to your mattress and update your bed support to include a slatted bottom. Don't forget you can always update your box spring as these are usually much more cost effective in comparison to the mattress.

I tend to just throw my stuff on it and if the beds holds its still good

recent stay in Napa 

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