Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Event Travel

It does take me a bit to get out of my shell and travel. I usually do it for events like a recent trip to Napa where I enjoyed one of the hottest day during the summer driving up the highway to discover my backyard is pretty darn big.

The event was a baseball game with a winery. I will usually head over to the ocean or down the coast for wine but this was a good excuse to explore Napa a bit more.

When traveling for events one does tend to have their itinerary set because there is a stop and ending to said event all you really have to do is show up.

Strangely enough I gave myself permission to enjoy a free day bookends for the event travel.

One imperative thing is to check with the event contact at least three days prior to the event and ensure you have your necessary tickets. From my personal experience I had the added benefit of the media promoting a fire near the event hosts location. It is always a good idea to drop a line with your hotel or where you are staying because in my case there was evacuations being ordered so I called the hotel and ensured my reservation was still valid and if they needed my room for evacuees. Both calls were answered and I was put in touch with the manager of the hotel whom assured that my reservation would be honored if they needed to move me to another sister hotel.

Fortunately, the firefighters work was able to contain the blaze and there I was heading up to Napa without a cloud in the sky.

Next in Event Travel be sure to dress appropriately. In my event I knew I would be attending a baseball game and promptly found both long and short sleeve shirts as in the morning it would be cold and the afternoon my seat was in full sun.

Next was probably the most important being that I carried not one but four types of sunscreen.

Finally, I ensured I had all my electronics and corresponding chargers with me not so much for the event but as I discovered my new phone charge would evaporate in about 4 hours.

Oh, event travel is about the swag and one perk is that the baseball game had a giveaway which wasn't expected.

I totally recommend event travel and if you can do more than one event in said location then go for it. Just know you may have to drink lots of water, be extra patient, try not to overspend ( which is really really hard! ) and have fun.

Last recommendation is to do an event that meets your criteria for me was wine and baseball whereas on another occasion is volunteering and meeting new people the event has to be something you want to do.

Oh and here are some pictures
view from my seat 

having transportation provided is good too

Lunch at the park 
Girard Wine Swag 

Surprise swag from event
Event hosts were awesome
Monster Size Nachos were great but not my plate :) 

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