Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One Traveler

There is a lot of travel advice out there. There are tricks that if you are in a new spot where to find more information. There are websites dedicated to travelers whom go everywhere at least once a year.

But what if you are just starting out to travel?

What if you just go for events?

What if you are just starting to head out on your own and explore your back yard.

All by yourself?

Its a given you need to have a good amount of self confidence to travel alone.

But do you have enough self confidence to walk down the middle of the expressway during rush hour with a 12 pack of toliet paper confidence?
Whether you answer in the positive traveling to event by yourself and just enjoying the event by yourself is pretty difficult because sometimes people will wonder what is wrong with you or be fearful you are the predator.

So leave the ski mask at home unless you are going skiing.

Next, at some event there is a leader or team members leading the group of travelers. Get to know them but be advised that they maybe on vacation too so do not take it personally that the leaders do not act like they want to be your best friend.

Being self confident and self sufficient are too different things you need to prepare yourself that not everyone is going to be interested in you and there will be cliques in your travel group.

Literally, carry you own entertainment whether taking pictures or doing Mad Libs.

Oh another way is to have your handy dandy little first aid kit with you. You will be so surprised at those whom will ask for a bandaid or three.

Unfortunately, sometimes you go to a travel site and check out "practical travel information " and in the section about hazards or while you are there they mention sexually transmitted diseases which are not airborne and may discourage you from going.

My advice check out with the local chamber of commerce give them a call. I was appalled that a major city was listed and yet "while you are there" one of the dangers listed was "east side of the river is relatively safe" .....REALLY? Why not advise that it is safer to not walk after dark ?

The local chamber has the real safety information and venues you should actually go to and enjoy.

For me personally I have learned that my Go bag multiplies sometimes depending on my perceived need. Basically having too much underwear isn't a big problem but it can if you don't have enough clothes.

One of my last piece of advice is try to check out the main thruway or town during the early hours of the morning when shops are closed and maybe only a local coffee shop you will surprise yourself with who and what you'll see.

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