Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stinking Rose Event!

Living in California taking a day off isn't that uncommon and yet per derigueur here we do not take take days off because of the weather and area is abundant with events pretty much every day.

One such event that truly dictates the weather is the festival for garlic in Gilroy, CA.

Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area nothing truly signifies the start of the summer until the first Garlic harvest where the pungent smell washes over the entire area !

I have even lived in Gilroy during the festival and again per custom one becomes accustomed to the point we actually miss it during the rainy winter day.

One other vital characteristic of the Gilroy Garlic Festival is the average temperature must be over 80 degrees during the three days.

Usually, the temperature is a moderate 85 degrees where as today the forecast is expecting to stay above 95 degrees.

Trust me that 10 degrees difference can make a glass of garlic wine taste like cotton versus the subtle delicate taste of melon seasoned lightly with a sprinkle of garlic salt that is delish.

Yes, I typed Garlic Wine. Yes, you can drink Garlic Wine. Most of the garlic that you think you will taste will be in the noise of the wine.

So you think that due to the increasing temperature a sample of the Garlic Ice Cream is due. I will be honest the chocolate nut garlic ice cream is the BOMB. Its delish and you have to try it if its available.

Now, you may think you will get Garlic'd out and while totally possible there is the real opportunity to have some fun and relax in the sun.

Yes, some people will get a little overzealous eating garlic and while Garlic is good for heart health you may experience a little uncomfortable bouts of too much garlic.

I know of two people whom are allergic to garlic and they fair pretty well but I recommend if you are sensitive to too much exposure to take an antihistamine pill before you head over to the festival.

The best day I love to go is the last day in part because that is when you can take your time and sample and talk to all the vendors.

Garlic nickname The Stinking Rose is appropriate as garlic is a nice decoration.

There is now over five world wide events celebrating Garlic from Virginia to California to Italy to Australia.

Travel to find a unique rose and come home with an award winning recipe

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