Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Travel Tech : Nasty Bits

When you travel there is some resignation that traveling by airplane means having some one you don't but has the authority to open up your luggage and rummage around in it. Not exactly appealing having someone filter thru your laundry clean or not.

There is a lot of ways to prevent this but you may still end up with a wrinkled shirt.

So there is Pack-It by Eagle Creek a system that allows you to sort and organize your luggage and your personal items properly and safely just incase your makeup foundation goes everywhere like mine does on more than one occasion.

Eagle Creek also has luggage but that isn't my favorite its the packing solutions because when I go thru with my carry on the fact the TSA agent opened up my carryon and recognized the Eagle Creek items quickly and effectively reassured him and me that my nasty bits were not going to be thrown about or mishandled.

Eagle Creeks Pack It Bi Tech On Board

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