Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Travel Tech : ScotteVest is Great investment

While you maybe looking at the newest travel app on your phone there is another person looking at you being distracted and making you out to be a target.

Traveling today requires a certain amount of security. So you carry a whistle, maybe stash away extra cash but still you sit there with your recent electronic purchase being a beacon for a "rob me now" sign.

The ScotteVest is a great solution allowing you to safely store your electronics, prevent your earbuds being taken and securing your wallet away from mischievous hands. The compartments are not bulky and most of the wearable technology is pretty darn comfortable.

There is even RFID blocking technology to prevent people from literally fishing your information. Let's say you like to wear lots of layers as you travel there is even a great cardigan just for that with the pockets securing your valuable. Cotton pants that look great but still meet your need to stoaway your valuable.

Each of the tops, jackets, pants and other come with a weight management system that allows you to look normal without bulky items giving thieves a way to rob you.

There is even a sweatshirt hoodie! Check it out

Chloe Bling Hoodie

Most Sizes In Stock
  1. PICS
  2. VIDS
  3. MAP
  4. XRAY
Feel like a rock star in this classic hoodie, revisited.
We took our classic Chloe Hoodie silhouette, added tasteful but eye-catching rhinestone accents on the zipper and wrists, and lined the thumbhole-bearing cuffs with sateen. 15 discreet pockets make this hoodie tres chic and functional, too. More

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