Monday, August 25, 2014

Being Prepared

When you travel there is the basics of being prepared from carrying extra Identification to having emergency funds and lots of patience.

What if your travels are to respond to an incident? What if during your travels an incident happens? What if you are the incident that happens during your travel?

One of the most basic travel items is knowing the Red Cross that not only gives training and support but is a massive network of people whom work is to respond to incidents.

The Red Cross is a WORLDWIDE organization. In 2004, many people were on vacation in Thailand when the Tsunami hit. The Red Cross was there to help in the response and again in Honduras. Even when people are on vacation or traveling the Red Cross is organized to help.

When you are on vacation you are not thinking about Emergency Response or even where to go for help as most of us respond with "the hospital".

Next month is the National Preparedness month where many local agencies will be taking part in efforts to train and prepare for national, local and international disasters. It is the best opportunity to learn how to respond and what you can do in an response to an incident.

Or maybe you are volunteering, is such a group that travels to New Orleans every year and works in St. Benard Parish to help rebuild after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina that hit the area. This is where being prepared really takes heart and makes a huge difference !

One of the basic needs is to figure out how to help or how to get help. If you are staying at a hotel find out if you need to dial a 9 before dialing outside. If you are staying at an AirBnB or VRBO home ask if they provide an emergency kit.

Lastly, have your information with you as you may need to communicate to others who you are and what your needs are ( diabetic, heart ..)

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