Sunday, August 17, 2014

Holiday Plans To Go

Yes, its officially the time of year to plan to go see your family.

Yes, now is when you need to book your tickets, hotel and car.


Have you been seeing the rates for hotels lately? I am even considering Motel 6 to visit family and yet I have reservations to spend more than $100 a night in the snow.

There is a new tax rate that has been sweeping the nation and its called hotel occupancy tax that can range from 8% to a whopping 18% in places like Sacramento or even Lompoc California where there is a great State Penitentiary to see.

What about the hot winter destinations like Cabo or Hawaii or Bali? Yeah, if you don't have tickets, reservations you might wanna try next year because rates are well over $150 a night at most 2.5 star hotels.

But I was planning on getting tickets in October once the family decided on doing the big reunion again and I always find great deals on XYZ dot com travel site you say outloud.

Check out the reviews on that website and Yelp because you will find one maybe two or three ( 3!) stating that they got a GREAT deal on This / That website and when they arrived they didn't have a room.

So, what do you do? Go ahead and call the hotel about that GREAT Website deal and ask them if they will match it and make your reservation that way you save time, anxiety and effort still securing the great deal.
Wait, What? You don't want to do that extra call ? Ok. Or when you do call the hotel they state they will not match the deal. Now What?

Simply, you go to your next hotel or better yet check in with a travel agent ( yes, travel agents still exist but they maybe called travel specialist now ) and see what they have to say.

Still miffed about booking your travel now? Simply put check your credit card and see if they have special offer for travel rewards if you book now with XYZ hotel and you should find that booking now will save you time, effort and a lot of worry later.

Ok, you still are not convinced and won't book your travel until October for Thanksgiving week family travel or December holidays...okay come back here in a month and I promise not to tell you I told you so because  after Labor Day airline and hotel rates are expected to increase upto 10%.

Honestly its August 17th make your reservations today!

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