Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's Go to France!

I got the opportunity to see the movie 100 Foot Journey recently. It is a film produced by both Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg. The story is very basic about family, food, and love.

I could go on about the great performance but its the scenery of France. From the marketplace to the homes to the metropolitan cities the towns become the colorful backdrop for the drama.

The film does start out slow in an opaque, gray immigration office that is cold and the only pop of color is the contrasting shades of dull blues and variety shades of copper.

The colors pop as the storytelling starts with the unique flavors of a fruit stand coming to life in the home full of love and joy. Its in the beginning I feel the urge to grab my passport, get on a jet plane and headrush into the marketplace to try fresh sea urchins. I want to see all the vibrant colors and smell all the foodstands.

Yet as the story starts to take off their home is taken away by violence of a Amber flame and inky night when fear strikes. This event prompts the band of souls to transverse the Great Britain continent that is full of more grey as the rain pours the fire of this family mourns the loss of their home. Yet, as they sit under the flight path I wish I was on that plane to journey with them.

Like a flash of lightening the patriarch takes the family along the literally bumpy road to the lush, bright, lavender fields of the French countryside. As the family emerges from the grey they arrive in a run down chateau that mimics the family rebuilding and growing with hard work and more love.

The French Countryside can be a barren road bookmarked by lush green tall grasses and fruitful trees this scenery exemplifies the journey of the main characters. Again, I wish I wasn't in a theater watching it but walking along that very road seeing the countryside widen infront of me or a majestic sun setting against the hills.

As the main love interest introduces bright, red wild berries this enunciates the heart of the story that is love that grows. As the family does come together and the hijinks do ensue its the elaborate night sky celebration of France Anniversary the audience is enveloped in the history of the trials of the country that brings the two adversarial parties together. You want to be there to feel the pride of the country fill your lungs, you want to taste the myriad of seasonings tucked away in family treasure. I want to walk into the kitchen cobblestone floor and smell the curries and feel the heat of the kitchen against my skin.

This story isn't just about family staying together after a struggle but how a family grows and the patriarchs each have their unique style. I would love to walk into the Chateau after a walk up the country road and enjoy a simple dish of chicken.

Mostly, I want to get my passport and experience the French Countryside as I may have found a trip to do that as Air France has nonstop flights and I hope to find a Gastronomic walking tour some day soon.

This Movie provides a great, heartfelt story but mostly its the decorative plates contrasting with the hard wooden tables that sit along side a window that looks over the French Countryside day or night you find yourself wanting to be there to look out with your own eyes.

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