Sunday, September 21, 2014

Plans during Travel

I actually made my reservation for my Southern California trip in for Labor Day weekend in July yes, a full 45 days before Labor Day which is actually really good for me.

I usually plan 90 days in advance because before my trip to SoCal I was going to go to the Reno Rib Fest but the astronomical hotel prices were super scary so my back up plan was to spend the day on Highway from Carmel to Half Moon Bay.

So for 45 days before I even started to pack a bag I was planning what to do in Southern California and what wineries to go visit.

Yes, wine was my sole purpose for going and while I checked out the hotel rooms and the local events I wanted to go and taste wine.

I thought about Firestone Winery except I was not in Santa Barbara or even something in San Diego but the reality was the only place I was going to drink wine was at the Whole Foods Back Bay Tavern during Happy Hour. Trust me this was really nice to enjoy and reasonably priced even though you were in what appeared to be was a Office Park complete with Art Museum.

While my next trip is to visit a friend is coming up I am not planning too much because I am going to be in / out but apparently there is nice downtown to walk and a hot tub.

Then I head up to Napa again I am thinking about the holidays in Carmel but for plans...oh it definately is about the wine....lots of wine.

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