Sunday, September 21, 2014

Research Overload...

When I am going somewhere and not just anywhere I am pretty through in my itinerary and what to do when I get there.

It is a problem.

First, I search the deals because I am so frugal that I want to be able to afford to play on my time off. I am serious about this because if I can prepay it I will thus no hotel room or airfare is over $300. I just won't do it unless its special ( fyi I have a trip coming up over 1 year away and its gonna be special !!! ).
Next, I look at when I am going as in what is the weather going to be like. Since Southern California can be good any time except Winter and Fire Season I knew Labor Day weekend would be good time to go.

After a quick weather check I do another review check let's say there is an event at the Hyatt in Napa what do people say about it and what's it like for say parking? Now, I check three places and I am serious about this especially pre travel

Eventbrite, in case you do not have plans or anything to do because sometimes hanging out in a hotel room is just that...hanging out in a hotel room.

LocalWineEvents for obvious reasons because I like wine but did you know you can find some awesome events to go to and wine is like a minuscule part of it. Seriously Local Wine Events is the bomb.

Finally, Yelp Events Page  because if I do ever end up in Baltimore I am going to be prepared...with a lot of cutlery.

After that I may check what the hotel events page says or double check my flights and hotel then its just get on a plane or in a car or even on a train and off I go.

Oh, yeah...I call the hotel at least twice, the airline at least one more time, and then maybe another destination spot just in never know really. 

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