Monday, October 6, 2014

Customer Service Motel 6 and Circus Circus

While a radio station proudly promoted finding 1 star accommodations I have been hanging out in the 2.5/3 star accommodations that were way better than the four star accommodations.

No seriously. This year I have stayed at Motel 6 and Circus Circus more than once and I got great room, nice service and an excellent price! When I stayed at a reported four star resort I was osterized, ignored and overall unhappy.

What is really odd at every hotel I have been to and not on purpose by any means I have hit, jammed or bumped my toe so its my new litmus test for rooms if I hit my toe and it bleeds I am deducting one star.

Okay enough of the toe jam jokes and to the real deal. At Motel 6 in wine country I did my research and asked for an 2nd floor room. I got a recent updated room and it was awesome. There wasn't a tub but the shower was nice and I liked the refrigerator. The room was way more than adequate and location perfect. I really enjoyed my stay there while totally saving money.

Next, I stayed at Circus Circus and its my second trip to a Circus Circus brand. I was really happy by the pricing first off, next the room was fine. I could see the city I was in and there wasn't a horrible issue that I couldn't enjoy. Plus, did I mention the price my "incidental fee" a meager $21 not $100 or $399.

Finally, I stayed at another Motel 6 in Southern Cal. The first thing was the customer service, the second thing was the customer service from pool to room I did not mind paying an $100 a night plus there was dogs.

These hotels are probably outdated and underrated compared to my trip to a four star hotel which should have been flawless instead I was met with some serious attitude and needed a bank loan for every single item from parking the car to making a reservation for the spa. Nickel and Dime'd really doesn't do any justice compared to the lack of customer service and really this place had history.

I do read other people reviews and my biggest concern during my recent trip was my reservation being lost or declined or worse having no room at all. I did some extra leg work. I called the website not once but three times confirming my itenary with them. Next, I called the hotel asked about the issues that were raised in other reviews and confirmed my reservation. Finally, two days prior I doubled checked every detail and asked if there was any hiccups what could I do.

Yes, it took an extra hour of my time but considering the stay at the four star hotel I didn't do that little bit of extra work I may have avoided an unpleasant stay.

So my yelp reviews are honest I do appreciate Motel 6 and Circus Circus you should give them a honest try.

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