Sunday, October 12, 2014

Go To The Spa

As you know I went to a very exclusive hotel recently and had a really bad experience because of the nickel and dimming this particular hotel employed passing on every little cost to the customer.

One small aspect was the spa offerings. It was pretty basic massages but if you think about it a day at a hotel's spa maybe a better choice than a random spa in a strip mall.

Even in Reno, Nevada at the Atlantis Casino Hotel Resort Spa offering a slew of options and something for everyone including pedicures and manicures to enjoy before your massage 

I find body wraps to be something I am interested in but a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage has piqued my interest a lot much that I think I may go to Hawaii for it !

Here in Silicon Valley we have a plethora of spas some are in a strip mall and others are nestled away in equally fancy hotels. One such spa is the Tova Day Spa that has a great assorted services and indulgences.

In Napa, you really can't get away from any place without finding a spa treatment and one place is the Milliken Creek Inn Spa set up and away you will find reasonably priced treatments for a good day in Napa.

Did I tell you I was going to Paris France? Yep, I am heading that direction next year but for right now I am looking for a little spa treatment when I am there on my own for a day or two.

A day off can be a day at the Spa too!

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