Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Local Shopping Excursion

Its true it is raining ...a lot of water is falling to the ground and causing puddles to form around town.

I am going to brave the weather in hopes that traffic is light so I can see my favorite small businesses light up!

I gave away and drank all my wine on Thanksgiving so I have to head over to Saratoga to see Ruthe Roberts  to grab a wine for tonights dinner party I am not going to go to but I will drop off a bottle of great wine for them to enjoy.

Next, I will take a lightrail to Campbell and stop by The Olive Bar for some specialty flavored olive oil and vinegar to add to my salad diet for the next few weeks because I ate too much mashed potatoes and gravy.

I will pop in to Steepers Tea shop for a refreshing cup of warm Monk's Tea to keep my energy going against the down pour and warm up while I pick up my own special tea blends as gifts to friends

Hop on the bus to beat the noontime rush to go to UnaMas for a Pinneapple Thai Burrito or maybe just a small cup of tortilla soup before grabbing another bus to go all the way downtown San Jose.

While my family is away I must remind them of the trinkets and Sharks here in San Jose. I know I will find the best deal at Discover San Jose  shop in downtown.

Then I know there is more to find than my wallet can hold so I will have to head home and shop more local stores online !

Please support Small Businesses today whether its rain or snow or sunbeams America runs on small businesses.

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