Sunday, November 9, 2014

Detour on the way to Paris

Some of you know I started this blog around the time Blogher 14 was here in San Jose. I did it because I get to go places..a few places I would like to go and think you would go too.

Next year Blogher is going to be in NYC at the Hilton in July.

I want to go very badly. No, really I wanna go now.

In my grandiose travel plans to Paris I was going to take a Red Eye flight to New York to hop on a morning plane to Paris ..

in October.

Now I am thinking of missing the final and last day of Blogher to go to Paris, France....

in July.

Like I said a slight detour on my way to Paris.

Or I could just go ahead and still go to Paris in October as planned and take the trip to New York in July.

But something happened recently, I met a woman who flies to Paris, France regularly like every spring and fall. Her husband is an executive and they get miles galore apparently and every spring / fall they go to Paris.

Maybe I need a husband.

Like I said ...slight detour on my way to Paris ...single traveler ?

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