Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Travel in a Gift Basket

Have you ever wanted to go to Texas, New York or even Seattle?

What if you can not go ? Try the best next thing ....get a taste of it!

As the holiday parties start and you try to figure out what you can get for under $50 that would be unique and coveted by all whom attend.

A Taste of Gift Basket.


I was thinking of items the epitomize San Jose the other day. It would make a great gift basket...

First, we would not use a wicker gift basket but a box like from next we would have to grab a popcorn and gift certificate from Camera Cinemas with a tshirt from Cinequest and Pizza My Heart  then throw in a Pass to Winchester Mystery House  . You can not forget the gourmet treasures of San Jose which would include a box from See's Candies and Chocolate Covered Bacon from Marini's along with Birk's Restaurant menu. The centerpiece being a bottle of wine from Mirassou.

Then you would wrap it up not in cellophane but a Zanotto's reusable bag.

Okay let's say you want to see what Chicago be like...well

First you have to have a Chicago Cubs Baseball Cap, next you can't go without a Chicago Pizza Certificate but also you need a pass to the Art Institute of Chicago then you would need some Tums because you can not experience Chicago without having a hot dog and I am not talking about a Pomeranian in the middle of summer. Chicago along with baseball has the some of the best hot dogs  so you need the recipes included in your gift basket.

Oh you would wrap it up with a stuffed Chicago Bear...just like the football team.

That not good enough okay...

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