Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Away From Home

Last year I played with the idea of going to New York for the holiday. If just to see the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Like I expect it to be fabulous and I am the only one there.

Okay, I may be a little delusional but, hear me out.

How many times have you sat a table on Turkey Day and say to yourself or outloud " I wish I was someplace else ".

Granted, for an period of time Thanksgiving in my house meant a Hawaiian get away. I didn't know that was something people longed to do because all I knew is that at home in rainy seattle all my stuffed animals were missing me.

Then of course there is the horses that came and took Turkey Day to mean the day the whole family would give them attention. Lots of attention, like 5lbs of carrots of attention.

We even put a trailer next to the horses so my mom would cook Thanksgiving Day Dinner ...

I am not joking.

So the one year that I was left alone with a Swanson Dinner is the Thanksgiving I remember the most.

Again, not joking. My family was back up North and I was taking care of the horses because pigeon fever doesn't care what time of year it is... neither does colic and ice storms.

Yet, the day I spent preening over the horses all myself and heating up a somewhat questionable nutritional product is the one I remember. I think I tried to watch the football game, but I may have watched some movie instead.

I am trying to remember if we had a dog still and I think it went up North too for some reason.

All the same, spending the holiday alone maybe difficult but if you are stuck in the parade or taking care of a furry relative remember to be thankful that you can because tomorrow they might not be there.

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