Saturday, December 6, 2014

Adopt someone else's relatives

Its the holiday season, a season to give and be part of the community.

Admit it wouldn't your rather adopt someone else's relatives this year? Just not in the mood to drive over the hill and thru the 280 traffic to get to Grandma's house?

Family Giving Tree is a great way to do that so is the Operation Care and Comfort Adopt a Military Family.

The fact is if you do plan to take time away from your own family and friends you may want to take on the chance to help someone else out during this holiday season.

Don't forget with many airlines you can donate your miles 

There is programs even to donate your gas rewards 

The fact that you can do more during the holidays is great but you want to give year round check out the helpful tips at NerdWallet

Also, do not forget that during the year you can make your travel better with a volunteer destination.

You may wanna get away but remember if you stay you can still give.

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