Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Shopping In Paris

Have you been ? I mean to Paris, France during Christmas. Apparently, you can watch the city come alive with holiday cheer and see some of the greatest sights and enjoy the French life. You will find that you slow down and enjoy museums more and some benefits to Duty Free Shopping are extended. Enjoy the cold weather but find yourself wrapped up in cashmere sweaters as you walk along the shops and find that special something for that special someone.

I found a great blog of a Girls Guide that includes holiday shopping that not only tells you how to shop but where too.
While my own plans to go to Paris a little bit different because its wine people all about the wine and walking I am trying to spend a day on either side just to enjoy Paris. I want to see the architecture and people along with find some great trinkets for my relatives but most importantly I want to see Paris be Paris. Whether its a little rain or snow I imagine Paris to be the adult Disneyland version where everything is good and theaters are for plays not movies. Coffee shops that are not named Starbucks along the cobbled stones I will be happy to find little shops just for this and that.

I had an relative that would announce promptly after the first of November she was whisking her daughters away from the States for trips for shopping abroad in Paris and of course my mother replied in that she was taking her daughters to Maui Hawaii a much more tropical space.

I may get to shop in Paris France if just to find where my hotel is.

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