Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holiday Staycation

This holiday I got to treat myself to staying nearby and one of those places I got to go was Christmas in the Park.

San Jose Downtown was my background as I got to see one of the City traditions come to life

Getting the chance to see the magic start was around the Thanksgiving Day Weekend where you found yourself giddy with delight looking forward to the culmination of all the hard work and time to fruition.

Christmas in the Park takes over the Cesar Chavez Park on Market Street in front of the Fairmont hotel and the entire area starts to anticipate the fun sounds and holiday music starts if just to check the sound system that encompasses the park.

Then the day came and so did the weather. While many braved the weather in effort to spread the holiday cheer many people found the rains that came and stayed longer than some inlaws was just as big of a focus of our attention because some days there was actually flooding inside the park due to clogged gutters and winds pushed some decorations around.

Yet, just in time for the big day the skies cleared and the sky turned blue again
Children and Adults marveled as they walked hand in hand or stopped and too pictures in front of displays. There were nightly shows and games to be had.

 The Ferris Wheel and Merry Go Round started the book ends of the Christmas in the park where as the Christmas Tree marked the spot you would find Santa Claus and all his reindeers.
You would walk around and hear the sights and sound of the community together as you looked on decorated trees and displays put together by hundreds of hands and volunteers working tirelessly for everyone to enjoy.

These displays have been going on for just a little while but totally worth it everytime you see a child's eyes light up.

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