Saturday, December 27, 2014

Just One Box ...

I never knew the actual lure of California until I got into the Retail business and a few years ago I worked for a very famous confectionery company here in Northern California. I never understood the value of a box because it was always a fixture in my house. Year round this box graced our house whether it was Saint Valentines Day, Easter, July Fourth, Halloween and of course Christmas this box was the standard.

It was during the this time I learned people would travel to their local store to send across the nation as their relatives could not come and pick up their box themselves.

Hence the box was

Yes this box so unassuming and simple white box with black lettering that was steeped in history for decades as the California chocolate.

Yes, for decades this box decorated my childhood home and when I got older this was the one gift I could count on for the holidays, birthdays, and anything to celebrate.

Yet, one thing would be missing from this box of joy. A simple map of the chocolate delights it contained. Thus, one year my mother started a tradition in our family that I am not sure isn't subtle homicidal.

Yes, my mother would start to cut the chocolates in half so to know which ones were coconut, nougat, nuts or caramel because you know she didn't want to take my dad's favorite. I am sure that was it.

It wasn't that one pound of chocolate could hold 22-24 pieces and our family would gobble them up in less than say 5 minutes. I eventually learned to wait my turn and then just pass the box to my mom.

I remember the year after my dad passed away I sent her the 5lb Gold Box in which she said Thank you and took it to the Hospital where she volunteered in effort to prevent herself from eating a whole pound.

Yet, when I worked at See's Candies I learned that many people were upset that they had to resort to cutting the chocolates in half to find out what was inside because they would guess wrong and some people just couldn't eat a whole box of chews or cherry cordials until they came to the store and bought one.

One year recently the office I worked in received not just one box but five one pound boxes about one for every week before Christmas vacation and trust me my waistband felt every single box.

This year I kinda want to travel to the factory and see the chocolates and renew my love for the magic of the box.

Just one trip I don't think I can handle more than one.

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