Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New York Skyline

As I get ready for the Blogher 15 trip I find myself looking forward to seeing the City more than anything else.

While I am experiencing a little sticker shock of the hotel rooms and such I will make do because I will probably spend some time looking at all the buildings and history and Ellis Island.

I want to take a boat to see the Statue of Liberty, then a tour bus thru the City to see what Broadway looks like. Next, I am going to Grand Central Station if just to enjoy a hot dog.

I won't get to see much of Central Park but I will make sure to take a snap of the Brooklyn Bridge. I do have one flight purchased and need to figure out if I will do a different hotel every night or just change rooms.

Equally, I am going to try to invest into a real camera that will keep my photos looking sharp but someone told me to buy an iphone which isn't in the cards.

Next I am trying to pace myself because the Conference will have a lot going on I hope I can actually sleep on the plane. Equally, its in the middle of July what is the likelihood I can see the skyline at night when its cool. I will probably be an early riser at best.

I wonder how many selfies with famous buildings I will get to take before someone calls me out on it.

I will look at some famous buildings but I am hoping to stop by City Hall too. Okay I admit I am going to have to maybe go to New York Twice!

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