Monday, December 29, 2014

Wish List of Travel ...and Wine

I will be honest I caught the travel bug and so I am just going to list the place and some events I want to go to in 2015 because if you say it out loud that makes its a reality right ?

Right off the bat is Santa Barbara on Saturday January 24th for the Winter Wine Classic 

Then I will head south but not as far but Paso Robles in February maybe nice if just for the wine at the Blendfest on February 21st

March being my birthday month maybe I should stay home but in Sonoma just a short ways up Highway 1 is Sonoma and the Wine Road 

April Showers will send you straight south to Monterey and Pebble Beach Wine and Food happening April 9th to 12th

Yes, if you notice each of these events I can go to are in the state of California if just because I am heading to New York in July and I would like to go to Paris in October.

Oh, I think I want to go back to Reno or maybe just hang out in Las Vegas too
One of my siblings is making the trek to Maui, Hawaii and I just don't feel it as I be more likely to head to Florida or one spot apparently I may go is Detroit for work. Yes, Detroit sounds interesting I wonder if there is an wine event there like this Strolling Event in March ?

But one place I probably should go to "eat out" is probably everyone's favorite place Baltimore if just to see what a five course meal entails ...

Alright my list is typed up and I think I will have a full plate at least I hope so

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