Monday, January 5, 2015

Date of Travel

As I speedily filled out my passport application I disregarded entering in "date of travel" simply because I am not sure if I am going in August or October due to financial reasons.

Guess what? Yup, that little item slipped me up big time because I will probably use my passport maybe once for actual travel and more for identification purposes. I still needed to have a "date of travel" but where? when? and could I afford to go?

The fact is that US Passports are no longer the golden ticket into countries beyond our shores. In fact, between sanctions and diplomatic relations dwindling going to Canada may soon be an issue that requires a "date of travel" or proof of purchase.

The fact is being a US Citizen is a little bit of a bad idea traveling sometimes and some places. Honestly, I was thrilled that Cuba borders were going to open up if just to jet over and check out the Motel 6 there (sic). Yet, in some nearby countries US Citizens are targets for everything from pick pockets to kidnapping and holding for ransom.

Yes, I am getting my passport if just because I do want to travel but before I jet all over the world or at least to Sweden I will need to check the date for my ticket just because there are new restrictions because of health concerns or other unexpected reasons.

Know your dates have to be flexible and purchase travelers insurance ( which was oddly advertised outside the post office on a billboard -coincidence? no ) just in case.

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