Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's go to Disneyland! ...oh wait...

A few years ago one of the people whom paid me to work for them said that they wanted to take the entire team to Disneyland.

Well, now that seems a little silly doesn't it.

Whether it be Disneyland or Florida's Disney World one has to realize that there will be a lot of other people doing the EXACT same thing.

So, while right now might be a great time to go because of the whole scary and very real threat of catching a disease has become prevalent, it could be food poisoning on a cruise ship to being stuck in an train underground you are rarely going to find yourself totally alone.

Unless, you plan your trip yourself.

I decided a while ago to try some excursions with other and some by myself.
I was my own tour guide and trust me some things are better when you do it yourself.

I recommend testing the theory by planning a dayoff stay cation. For me it was to try wine in just a local downtown area. A total of two miles square and I tried several great wines all within walking distance.

"But wait, isn't that called a Pub Crawl with wine?" Not exactly mostly "crawlers" involve a lot of advertising and promotion and a gimmick or donation. This was to seek out different venues for the same thing.

It meant I went to Yelp to see what wine bars there were.

Then I tried it in Reno..yes, I did a little tour on my own and discovered some interesting parts of Reno I would not have found on a local map.

So, what is the next trip?

Santa Barbara and again I am going to plan it myself.

There is a wine event to be at and I found out there is a Film Festival and more

You can take a four mile walk over to the Zoo!

Just be sure to plan properly trip is not right around the corner.

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