Thursday, January 29, 2015

The economics of planning your travels.

The planned trips to Paris and New York have found another shelf because by now I would have paid for the first part of my flight to Paris and booked my hotel rooms for New York.

Alas, New York may happen but maybe for the Macys Day Parade instead of middle of July.


Middle of July...let that sit with you for a minute.

in New York.

The place known for sweltering summers and humid temps. I don't know how much fun I would be going to a conference paying nearly $700 to get there and an additional $700 to stay there on top of a conference fee of $400 just to sweat my makeoff in an unair conditioned hotel conference room. I think if I am going to go to New York for $2K I would like to have more fun than an overnight red eye flight and paying $10 for wireless a day in my hotel room.

Thanksgiving maybe more of an option for me but there is snow.

That being said my trip to Paris was put on hold simply out of the economics the trip would cost me just under $5K to book then another $5K in travel and room. That is $10K I would rather spend on finding a new place to live.

What ? Typing about the cost of a flight, hotel room is a no no? No it isn't.

Here is just three snippets of flights from SFO to NY

United Airlines $490 

Virgin America $800

Do you know how much wine I could buy if I just saved half of what I was spending?

Equal to that I would need to get a hotel room and courtesy of cities now exercising a tax on hotel rooms a cheap motel is now over $150 a night if you stay three nights you end up spending nearly $500 with the additional luxury of paying for internet service.

Get a car rental or even a Zipcar and you are adding about $150 more dollars not including gas and cleaning of the rental ( Zipcar pays the gas :) ).

By the time you have booked the hotel room, airfare and car your meager vacation of four days is a whopping $1500

That is for ONE PERSON addup for a family of four or even two people together.

Oh did you forget, you will want to eat on your vacation and probably buy some trinket of some sort. Yes, you will need anywhere from eight hundred to a thousand dollars to spend because you may have to go to the Emergency room. Yeah, the emergency room not a place you want to go on your vacation but you may need to.

courtesy of unsplash

The economics of a vacation have to be addressed just like housing and job searching.

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