Saturday, January 3, 2015

Travel Diet

I have steadily been losing weight over the past year and I look forward to going abroad and more in the next couple of months.

Yet, I don't think I can do both at the same time. I readily admit before a three or four day weekend I will workout at the gym and refrain from eating because I know I will spend a few hours or days with the equivalent of a burlap feedbag in front of me while I avoid any other strenuous activity aside from walking along the beach.

Remember I want to go walk in Provence near Paris, France that is about the most strenuous I want to get on a vacation but who am I kidding? I will be racked with guilt for spending nearly $10K on a wine trip abroad when I could do it for about half that here in the US? Still I may go and do it but the other side of that guilt will be cheese, bread, meats and probably half my weight in chocolate.

So why not go to a resort in Florida share a room and lose weight ? There is several to choose from including Biggest Loser  where for a week I will enjoy a room and fitness regime to help me keep my weight off and relax right?


Many fatcations  are designed just for that reason if simply to help you relax and still stay healthy. The only issue found is its a week off from work. Yes, a full week out of work and you only have 7 vacation days a year so there goes five.

So do you plunge ahead or hire a trainer for a month instead? Well, I say you can do it because when you do a travel diet you can be doing it on your health plan...yes, your health insurance can help cover the cost and help save some of your vacation days.

Check with Human Resources and your benefits provider to find out if a one week or different payment reimbursement is available to you.

Then maybe go to Paris in Las Vegas 

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