Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vacation Days

During the holiday break I was stuck out of the office during a wind storm and I wondered why I wasn't enjoy my Day out of office.

It really wasn't my vacation day and when I do have a vacation day I generally spend those somewhere relaxing but then again not in a wind storm ( or at least on purpose ).

In the US there is an allotted 7 vacation days plus 7 national holiday and about 5 sick days. Basically, the difference between taking a day off and having a day off is whether one gets paid.

We have seen the commercials with the children asking for one more day of vacation but what children and travel companies in general is that those vacation days are precious because its the difference of a days pay or not.

Yes, about $300 can make the difference of taking a day off that being the average salary Paid Time Off rate or PTO. That PTO is not a gift or a pile of money in a sock drawer that is to cover the Electricity bill for when we get back money.

Yes, we should take more days off but until those days magically will pay for unexpected sick days, or I have jury duty days, or the car broke down can you fix my transmission for me day most people will simply add one or two days to the regular national holidays because of the mere fact $300 can equate to a lot of unexpected days.

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