Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baltimore Saturday Nights

Okay I admit I miss Hannibal if just for the great dinner party ideas.

I know this year the season(ing) maybe delayed but that isn't going to stop me from checking out how I could spend my Saturday nights in an city by our capital.

I personally think my virtual Twitter Boy - Friend Dave @EAT24 would love to do this with me Baltimore no less I am sure they have delivery service

Cupid's Undie Run ! even on Saint Valentines Day!

Of course if I couldn't find a date for the Cupid's Run I would probably spend my Saturday delving into my ability to craft something up at the Craft Council event on Saturday February 21st at the Baltimore Convention Center located at One West Pratt Street in Baltimore

Finally, I would end the month out with Gears and Gadgets or is it Gadgets and matter I would go on Saturday February 28th because I am like that ...because hanging out at the Maryland Science Center located at 601 Light Street in Baltimore is really cool

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