Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Let's Go to Louisiana

While I may have the stomach to endure Baltimore's more exotic cuisine I think I should be honest and tell you about my adoration for Gumbo and Turbo Dog beer.

I have been a fan of Poor House Bistro for a couple of years now. I enjoy jazz and I have a hankering for really good food. Poor House Bistro made me a fan of TurboDog Beer by Abita 

I got to check out some info about Louisiana at the Travel and Adventure show when it made its stop here locally. I never wanted to go a Carnival like this before. I learned about their wicked weather but also their local economies and what is really going on in Baton Rouge.

It also helps I had family ( one uncle ) live in Louisiana for a period of time that makes me think I should head south.

One place is Lake Charles where there is several music and food where I may not be a Southern Girl I could definitely become a southern bride hanging around Saint Joseph Plantation if there is a wedding package that includes a groom :) .

My daddy wanted a boat and given how much time I spend on the Chardonnay  maybe I could go hang out on the Steamboat Natchez  for a dinner for two if the Engineer isn't too busy!

It may get wet and there are something called alligator refuges that apparently are a good way to know the local inhabitants I hear October is a good time to go!

Just be careful and use your canvas luggage ...don't want to endanger any of the locals !

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