Sunday, March 22, 2015

Camera and Sunscreen

One issue while traveling is carrying the camera. Equally, having your hands covered in sunscreen.

While I still long for a slim design camera like the Canon Power Shot in Purple ( don't ask) I still find myself needing copious amounts of zinc oxide on my hands and arms to prevent turning into a overripe tomato.

That zinc oxide GETS EVERYWHERE ! I could use 60 hand wipes and still I would get a smudge of white zinc oxide on my purse, car steering wheel, my wallet.

So I am trying the Banana Boat Cool Zone Continuous Spray in hopes to keep the sun at bay and my hands non greasy and sticky. Yet, the problem I am running into is missing me entirely by spraying everywhere except where the sun is going to burn me like the under of my arms.

Yes, when the sun shines on me it goes for every piece of exposed skin. I am getting better at just spraying me and not the bedding or my clothes because standing in your room in your undies spraying yourself does not make you an oddball..spraying yourself with clothes on in the public and missing yourself as you spray everyone whom passersby makes you an oddity.

While getting a waterproof camera maybe an option in this case would it still work if I don't submerge it in water?

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