Thursday, March 19, 2015

Go to Monterey, CA

I really do enjoy both travel and public transit ...really I do
Aside from some photos I am  going to share what some Saturdays look like for me...

First, I hop on the Monterey Salinas Transit bus for just $12 at 9am from the San Jose Diridon Station that is located in downtown San Jose.
first street / san fernando
The bus ride is about 90 minutes without too much hassle then we are downtown Monterey by 11am or so. Then I can stroll over to Peets or Trader Joes for something to nosh on for a picnic or head along the walkway to the Aquarium / Tourist area
trying to avoid runners and dogs :)
Once there I can head into the Aquarium or sip wine via the four or five wine tasting rooms or enjoy lunch and a movie at the IMAX theater. Then its time to head back up the trail or grab one of the JAZZ buses to take me back or to Sand City.
Sand City
Or I can check into a hotel in Carmel ! Yes, from Downtown Monterey I can grab a but that usually means I stay overnight...
actually not a hotel 
Let's say I get stuck in Monterey because of too much good stuff...guess what I can still catch a bus to Santa Cruz and still get home in time to watch Jon Stewart on The Daily Show...
santa cruz boardwalk
but let's face it taking the bus is awesome but so is taking a ZipCar
that way I can bring home more sand! 
either way heading up and down highway one can be done in one day!

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