Monday, March 16, 2015

Going Away ...where everyone else is going...

I apparently have my fingers on the pulse of the travel world because everywhere I plan to go this year is on everyone else's list too...

Remember my planned trips I mentioned late last year?

So far Girl With Curves has been to one locale and Joules went to Disneyland (Thank God she went because now I know I don't have to go) and Glasgow did the New York Fashion Week so, why is it as I am traveling to work one day I hear my next destination is on everyone's lips...Spring Break yes everyone is heading toward the coast  and while my legs are lighter shade of pale I have become acutely aware of everyone else's tanning schedule.

How did this happen? I have a huge aversion to my immediate neighbors following me around but 100's of College boys...wait..maybe I can get use to this.

courtesy of unsplash

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