Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oh Weather !

One thing about this past winter is that the weather has become the biggest factor in travel than previous years.

Aside from 93 inches of snow in Massachusetts to only 4 inches in Tahoe, CA where you go is impacted by when you go.

Now, most of my travel plans are planned out as much as possible to the point I actually have a weather alert for El Dorado County now because I am planning to go there ...

in six months.

Yeah, I defiantly need to get some R&R and maybe some Xanax too.

The flooding from the snow or the drought from not having any snow has an impact on what you do for where you are going. Whatever the reason there is something you need to watch out for and that is the weather.

Heat can cause planes to burn fuel faster than ice forming on wings in an ice storm. Checking if your plane on time a day before is fine but, you do have to check it about two hours now because a flight can show 'delayed' to cancelled within 30 minutes of departure.

All because of the weather.

Deicing planes now takes a minimum of 15 minutes but if as the plane is being de-iced the temperature continues to drop soon you will have a plane that is covered with heaters to prevent further icing.

Same thing for the heat of the airfield which on a hot day can reach up to 110 degrees by noon. Technology has allowed for stronger tires to withstand such temperatures but not after repetitive use and when the tarmac starts to melt at a mere 220 degrees.

The airline industry is gearing up for more severe weather patterns, but what about the other transit agencies, some taxi cabs could not get out of the airport due to the roads were blocked by snow. The train systems are getting delayed by over two hours due to tracks being damaged by ...the weather.

The reality is even if you do not take an airplane you need to check the weather for travel industry is acutely aware of the changing landscape and those costs are being passed on to you.

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