Friday, March 20, 2015

Travel Insurance

One thing when I was planning my trip to Paris, France to partake in the National Geographic Walking Tour thru Florence...I realized I needed Travel Insurance for the first time ...
Believe it or not, my father never told me the arduous task of getting travel insurance because I was asked if I had life insurance too. Being single I always was covered in my employer life insurance plan should something happen to be on the job because I was spending a lot of time there.

Well, I was wrong apparently I needed to get Life Insurance too...but wait I wanted Travel Insurance why was I being asked about life insurance instead of what I wanted?

Apparently, Triple A does enough coverage for everyone that insurance sales people rather you buy life insurance from them.

I was left really with two choices of buying travel insurance either by the broker on the National Geographic site or Triple A? After exhausting every option I chose neither because the reality is I do need life insurance but that still won't cover the cost of my trip 

Since I am not procreating any time soon there is a ton of ways for me to fall ill and/or become injured traveling so, shouldn't I get Aflac instead? But State Farm says I only need something over $100K in life insurance, but remember I like to pay upfront for things so is $700 a year worthwhile for life insurance? This doesn't include burial insurance which for $10,000 is also about $450 a year.

So what is it I wanted again? Oh yeah, I wanted insurance while I zip around the states. Wait? Auto Insurance? That is covered in Zipcar but that isn't going to help if I am accidentally locked in a bank vault ( I may need to rob a bank for the life insurance payment -it could happen!).

Last thought is that while health care insurance overhaul has just begun do not expect Travel Insurance to get any easier or cheaper because I didn't even go into getting your Pet Insurance to go on a trip with your dog
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