Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Travel Sickness

About two years ago I started to make plans and travel more. Great right?! Wrong!
I would leave my abode in search of fun and relaxing and find my neighbors have followed me. So much so, I started to take my vacations in the official off season which would allow me some respite. Then even before my vacay was official my neighbors were checking out the destinations before I could go.

Next, I started to develop travel colds, usually the last day of my trip my immune system would go on its own vacay and I start to feel the effects of a head/ stomach ache run down.

Even many years ago when I would go visit family in another state I would have at least one trip to the Doctors office for a Sprained ankle to a toothache. A trip to a medical professional is not unusual for me.

So, what gives I thought relaxing helps your immune system buffer up? That may be true but when your system is exposed to different temperatures it has to compensate like what happens when you go into the somewhat freezing pacific ocean on a mild spring day. You body has to work to keep warm/cool as you get giddy from running in and out of the water.

Then there is huge energy supply you intake whether it be steak and potatoes or just a delicious smoothie you are giving your body a huge overload of new calories to consume.

Then you take a walk in the sun, the bright sun exhausted from the day on the beach you go to your hotel room and sleep.

Sleep is good right? Yup lots of it the only thing is your body is use to running on the hamster wheel of stress and hence your sleep is needed but you may wake up with a sore throat.

Also, its spring here but winter there extreme temperature changes can trigger your immune system too.

What to do? First off start your vitamin C because even that Vitamin D can cause a little bit of a sunburn (ouch) will help replenish cells. Next, sleep and if you can get some serious workout in. I did about 45 minutes and realized that I was better for it but still felt crappy.

Allergy/Cold medicine will lessen the effects but if your symptoms are more than an sore throat go see a Doctor, plain and simple.

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