Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yes, you can over plan a trip.

I should not be giving out travel advice because I missed it.

My birthday was this week and instead of enjoying the day I concentrated on the weather, how many dollars the hotel room cost, and any back up information I need to give my boss before I left at 3pm.

I am a horrible person because I really don't want to acknowledge I am getting older in part because I do not want to get older again. I could swear I just got older.

There are a dozen ways to acknowledge everyone else on your birthday and you have to do that regardless if you want to or not.

Strangely, my birthday vacation has become a tradition but its the most difficult month for me personally because getting older is wrapped up in childhood memories of celebrating a day off from school or special treats like a car or another horse.

I also have a slight issue with people whom I live with to ask when I was born because I have already told the story about the Irish Doctor and the Irish holiday too many times to count reiterating it.

Worse, I had started to pack my bags a full week in advance planning my outfits and having extra camera batteries like those would prevent the onslaught of a sunburn.

To add to the guilt I worried about inconsequential things like getting a new charger for my laptop because I thought I had broken my existing one.

I was not traveling to Timbuktu just four hours south.

My final pang of guilt was realizing the night before my trip I had the worlds dirtiest room and proceeded to try to clean it 10pm at night. Yes, Neurosis isn't limited to people who do YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, I haven't learned my lesson as I am already planning next year's birthday trip.

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