Saturday, April 4, 2015

Early Morning Walking Downtown

I can not overstate the way to get to know a new place is to check it out in the early am when the streets are quiet and you can only hear the birds as back ground.

I have done my morning trek in San Jose, Yountville, Santa Cruz, Carmel, and now Santa Barbara.

State Street downtown Santa Barbara
While a few coffee shops are open and the street sweeper / shop keeper maybe out and about cleaning up after the previous night. You can see why a town maybe a great place to visit and not stay or you think about staying.

this was busy just 12 hours before
When I arrived late at night State Street was full of people going to clubs and getting a very late dinner. Music filled the air from Spanish to Hip Hop. Taxi Cabs lined the street in line with the Uber/Lyft cars hustling people up and down the street.

State street is actually quiet lengthy spanning about two-three cities as you go across town. From the seashore to Goleta State Street spans the area and you want to stop off and just walk the distance.

Another thing is you can not get really lost in downtown Santa Barbara but you can find yourself lost inside of it. The Downtown area of State Street sports shopping district that includes Saks Fifth Avenue to Yogurtland. Where the other end you will find some housing and businesses and a hospital system.

Yes, I took the bus too. The 11x line connects UCSB to Downtown Santa Barbara. The trip is about 50 minutes total. Once you land in Downtown its a short walk to the shore and the train station.

The train station is a historic building so there isn't any signage on the building yet both Amtrak and Greyhound service the area. The Amtrak train also goes by the Santa Barbara Zoo.

While I enjoyed my morning walk I did find myself finding there is other modes of transportation too
Upgrade from Uber? 

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