Monday, April 6, 2015


Taking a journey for enlightenment can lead one to a very relaxing time or make one gratiful for what they know and have.

Thursday April 9th is #StandUp4Transportation an effort to highlight the federal funds needed to help sustain local and area transportation.

Everyone is well aware here in California we have been trying the following

  • Build a High Speed Rail between San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • Bring Bay Area Rapid Transit (aka BART) to San Jose
  • San Francisco Transbay Terminal to be built.
Considering it took two decades and millions of dollars to actually rebuild the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge I am not sure transit is the issue. 

Now it could be a complicated system that is embedded in archaic and outmoded methodology. 

It could be that when you have a big Pie stuffed with money everyone wants a piece. 

Or it could be that transportation is not on everyones mind. 

Yet, we fly thousands of miles a day, we drive over 30 minutes to our work and we use the +EAT24 app to have our meals delivered to us. 

So why are we not all so excited about a bus system or the Hyperloop? 

Go to a Greyhound Station, take a bus and see for yourself who is being served by the community of drivers and dispatchers and mechanics that work in those large lumbering vehicles you see throughout your town. 

courtesy of unsplash

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