Monday, April 13, 2015

Santa Barbara Trip

The weather was very nice and I got to do a lot of things I would not have done otherwise but, well...lets get some pics in

Sterns Wharf Plaque

SB Mission 
I saw Montecito and Carpenteria and even up to Solvang but my hotel was in Goleta which saved me a ton of money and I was close to Santa Barbara. I drove State Street, the coast line and Hwy 101. It was very nice.

Yet, nothing grabbed and held my attention even on Sunday as I sat on the beach and looked out to ocean full of sailboats and Natural Gas platforms I felt just like every other tourist there.

No matter the art or the generosity of others or the beautiful homes I found myself anxious to hop back on the bus and head back to San Jose.

While Santa Barbara is definitely transit friendly and has plenty of opportunities I felt like I would be stuck further in my idiosynchronicities to full blown single woman with a cat and dog on her shopping cart that she pushes down the street.

Yes, there is good culture and people in Santa Barbara but they can stay there its just not for me.

I hope this feeling of anxious while traveling will not become permanent I have a few more trips planned and if I have to retain a psychologist to go on them I hope they have a lot of frequent flyer miles.

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