Saturday, April 11, 2015

Taking Public Transit.

In the past two years I have actually enjoyed taking public transit and that is why I do support #StandUp4Transportation 

When I was in Monterey I found myself enjoying the MST where I discovered the Jazz bus route would take me just about anywhere. From downtown Monterey I could go to Salinas to Santa Cruz to Paso Robles to Solvang.

When I went to Napa, I found Vine and I could connect to the Sausalito Ferry  and be a world away from Oz. The same in Newport Beach, I easily picked up the bus from the airport to go to the school to pick up a ZipCar.

In Santa Barbara it was a little confusing because the fare system isn't clear on what you pay and how many times you pay when you take the open air buses up and down the seashore.

Yet, I have taken Caltrain from San Jose to San Franciso, to grab Bart to go to Oakland. From San Jose I have traveled to Santa Cruz and back at least 100 times.

Taking public transit is awesome and you should do it too.

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